cvs commit: ports/net/rdesktop pkg-plist

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Thu Mar 10 14:31:23 PST 2005

>> (03.10.2005 @ 1645 PST): Mark Linimon said, in 1.4K: <<
> The whole idea of instituting the 2-week period for timeouts was to
> state 'here is a time period after which you don't get to claim that
> your toes were stepped on'.  This does _not_ mean that a courtesy
> email to the maintainer is not called for in either case.
> Adding the comment 'maintainer timeout' or 'no response from
> maintainer' to these commits would have made clear what was happening.
> portmgr@ is interested in tracking maintainer timeouts.
> The FreeBSD development model only really works if people cooperate.
> To the extent that we have to have 'rules' to enforce common sense,
> I'll agree with you that it's too bad.  But in this case the intention
> is not to create 'beauracracy', it's to prevent commit wars and
> people feeling that they are wasting their time by trying to send
> PRs which then later get ignored.
> And yes, there have been cases in the past where IMHO maintainers
> have given up after having their attempts to fix things overruled or
> ignored.  We need all the (active) maintainers we can get, so this
> is A Bad Thing.
>> end of "Re: cvs commit: ports/net/rdesktop pkg-plist" from Mark Linimon <<

I really don't intend to wait two weeks for approval to keep a
pkg-plist in alphabetical order.

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