cvs commit: ports/graphics/djvulibre Makefile ports/textproc/wordnet Makefile

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Fri Jul 15 20:53:56 GMT 2005

п'ятниця 15 липень 2005 04:12, Alexander Leidinger Ви написали:
> Not that someone things we don't need to bump the PORTREVISION when we do
> it this way: we still need to bump it, else the cluster will not produce
> packages with executables which are linked to the new library (the compiler
> adds a reference to a specific version, not to the generic

I'm not talking about packages (a.k.a. RPMs). I'm talking about ports. 
Port-building by our users...

That said, Michael is right -- package-building has enough information about 
port changes so as not to require PORTVERSION bumps, when the stuff they 
depend on changes.

You are right, that it is still a formal requirement. But that's for a 
separate thread.


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