cvs commit: ports/chinese/BBMan Makefile ports/chinese/CJKMakefile ports/chinese/auto-tw-l10nports/chinese/chinput3 ...

Sergey Matveychuk sem at
Sat Jan 8 09:56:30 PST 2005

Xin LI wrote:

> I think there might be some misunderstanding.  Shen is a well known
> contributor on ports/ area, especially Chinese ports[1].  For some
> reason that is not suitable to disclose publicly he has resigned all
> maintainership last year[2], but let's just welcome him back -- maybe
> Sergey wanted to say "Return maintainership to submitter" :-)
> [1]
> [2]

Yes. You're right. It would be better to say: welcome back, Shen! :)


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