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NAKATA Maho chat95 at
Mon Aug 29 11:10:08 GMT 2005

In Message-ID: <20050829074918.GA23072 at> 
Kirill Ponomarew <krion at> wrote:

> > | -.include "${MASTERDIR}/Makefile"
> > | +.include "${masterdir}/makefile"
>     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This one is incorrect.
> I told in my mail after the freeze:
> *** No large and sweeping commits are allowed without portmgr approval ***                                                    
> I do *not* understand why people are committing large changes in
> slush phase.  Please, every committer, ask portmgr@ for approval
> next time if you consider doing sweeping changes.  It's not
> acceptable to break INDEX in the current situation at all.

Dear Kirill
I'll ask portmgr@ next time for sweeping. but this is not my intention.
as ooodict-all and all secondary ports are not maintained by me,
so simply I don't know the situation better like ooo ports that
actively maintained by me. I'm frequently stating that these are very
hard to maintain. this is a very good example.

o so many localized ports. this is situation makes me mad.
  and if I update editors/,
  I must fix some of the ports and in this case, all the ports.
o updated without notification and without version number.
  this seems to be the policy of ooo side, and this also drives me

-- NAKATA, Maho (maho at

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