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Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Apr 11 11:34:49 PDT 2005

Jeremy Messenger wrote:

> Are you sure? The gdk_pixbuf is more for gtk1 app. The GTK2 already has  
> gdk_pixbuf function included.

Several others have pointed this out, thanks. I just removed that dependency.

> You should copy some of 
> xscreensaver-gnome's  Makefile like start to use the 'USE_GNOME' 
> infrastructure.

Um, no. I passionately dislike that entire infrastructure, and as 
xscreensaver is not a gnome app, it's not suitable in any case. And yes, I 
realize that I'm being a curmudgeon on this, but before you respond and tell 
me so please check the archives for my reasoning in more detail.




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