cvs commit: ports/databases/postgis Makefile

Sean Chittenden chitt at
Tue Sep 21 13:38:05 PDT 2004

> |   Unbreak by chasing PostgreSQL's upgrade to 7.4.5.
> |
> |  PGSQL_PORTDIR=	${WRKDIR}/../../../databases/postgresql7
> | -PGSQL_SRC=	${PGSQL_PORTDIR}/work/postgresql-7.4.3
> | +PGSQL_SRC=	${PGSQL_PORTDIR}/work/postgresql-7.4.5
> Looks like a pretty unmaintainable thing, I think that something like
> PGSQL_SRC!=     make -C ${PORTSDIR}/databases/postgresql7 -VWRKSRC
> is much more portable. (and PGSQL_PORTDIR is not really used 
> elsewhere).

This folks, is why in a post-freeze world a few patches will be 
introduced which will bring the world a USE_POSTGRESQL makefile tunable 
suitable for ports and will get rid of that nasty PGSQL_PORTDIR hack.  

Sean Chittenden

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