cvs commit: ports/lang/icc Makefile distinfo pkg-plist ports/lang/icc/files _types.h exclude ld.c patch-bin::icpc

Marius Strobl marius at
Tue Nov 16 20:14:47 GMT 2004

marius      2004-11-16 20:14:47 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository (src committer)

  Modified files:
    lang/icc             Makefile distinfo pkg-plist 
    lang/icc/files       exclude ld.c patch-bin::icpc 
  Added files:
    lang/icc/files       _types.h 
  - Update to 8.1.024.
  - Declare a PATCH_DEPENDS on emulators/linux_base-8 only if actually using
    RTPpatch to apply an Intel provided binary patch.
  - Turn the GCC-compatibility of ICC on by default for FreeBSD >= 502108;
    except for one bug which is worked around by this port and will be fixed
    in src later FreeBSD gained support for using the GCC-compatibility along
    with the patch to compile the kernel with ICC (but the ICC 8.0 series
    wasn't configurable/hackable enough to actually use it on FreeBSD, which
    resulted into the aforementioned bug).
  - On FreeBSD >= 502108 default to using libstdc++ from the base as STL
    instead of STLport unless "-cxxlib-icc" is passed to icpc (made possible
    by turning on the GCC-compatibility and the compatibility to GCC 3.3 and
    3.4 which was added to ICC 8.1). On FreeBSD < 502108 STLport i.e.
    devel/stlport-icc is and will continue to be the only STL available.
    Update the instructions displayed by the post-install target accordingly.
  - Put the wrappers for glibc specific symbols and other GNU/Linux compat
    hacks into their own library "libiccfbsd" and teach the ld-wrapper to
    injected this lib instead of adding these things to the Intel libcxa and
    libcxaguard. Beginning with ICC 8.1 non of the Intel libs is "guaranteed"
    to be linked into resulting executable (this is actually a fix in ICC
    as libcxa and libcxaguard are C++ only). This fixes linking against libm
    with icc amongst other things [1].
  - Clean the ld-wrapper up a bit. Stop trying to create a perfect world for
    the real ld(1) regarding superfluous linkage options, ICC natively passes
    far to many of them to the linker that we easily could remove them all.
  - Change the ld-wrapper to allow for bootstrapping STLport in a bit
    different way that we used to do it, required to make devel/stlport-icc
    build correctly again.
  - Use fmt(1) to print the infos displayed by the post-install target so
    the text is formated properly after the included variables are expanded [2].
  Todo: - Rework the freaking thread library selection via the PTHREAD_LIBS
          environment variable by the ld-wrapper, this causes really annoying
          problems when compiling ports with ICC. Some functionality analogous
          to the GCC "-pthread" option (which is also known by ICC but is not
          documented and doesn't do the right thing for FreeBSD) would be great.
        - Make devel/stlport-icc build again with ICC 8.1 after devel/stlport
          has been updated to 4.6.2 (PR 73604). Patch for 4.5.3 already done.
  Reported by:    Dan Nelson <dnelson at> [1]
  Courtesy of:    netchild [2]
  Approved by:    netchild
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.74      +41 -47    ports/lang/icc/Makefile
  1.39      +2 -2      ports/lang/icc/distinfo
  1.1       +50 -0     ports/lang/icc/files/_types.h (new)
  1.3       +0 -1      ports/lang/icc/files/exclude
  1.13      +58 -56    ports/lang/icc/files/ld.c
  1.3       +14 -4     ports/lang/icc/files/patch-bin::icpc
  1.20      +4 -0      ports/lang/icc/pkg-plist

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