cvs commit: ports/emulators/vmware3 Makefile pkg-plist ports/emulators/vmware3/files freebsd5.patch patch-ab patch-ac ports/emulators/vmware3/scripts pre-install

Mike Silbersack silby at
Sat Mar 13 13:29:25 PST 2004

silby       2004/03/13 13:29:24 PST

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    emulators/vmware3    Makefile pkg-plist 
    emulators/vmware3/scripts pre-install 
  Added files:
    emulators/vmware3/files patch-ab patch-ac 
  Removed files:
    emulators/vmware3/files freebsd5.patch 
  A slew of changes to allow vmware3 to work on 5.x with dynamic device
  numbering while not breaking 4.x compatibility:
  - Stop using device nodes in /usr/compat/linux/dev and instead rely
  on the linuxaltor passing though to /dev
  - Create needed device nodes in /dev (on 4.x)
  - Account for a change in falloc's semantics that was preventing
  the vmmon module from being unloaded on 5.1+ machines.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.76      +2 -5      ports/emulators/vmware3/Makefile
  1.3       +0 -68     ports/emulators/vmware3/files/freebsd5.patch (dead)
  1.1       +30 -0     ports/emulators/vmware3/files/patch-ab (new)
  1.1       +9 -0      ports/emulators/vmware3/files/patch-ac (new)
  1.18      +3 -2      ports/emulators/vmware3/files/
  1.17      +2 -5      ports/emulators/vmware3/pkg-plist
  1.7       +3 -3      ports/emulators/vmware3/scripts/pre-install

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