cvs commit: ports/net/etherboot Makefile distinfo pkg-descr ports/net/etherboot/files patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at
Wed Jun 30 15:18:25 PDT 2004

warning -- etherboot 5.2.x has severe backward compatibility issues
wrt the previous version (5.0.x)

In particular, with the new version we have lost the possibility
of using the boot1a bootloader in front of the etherboot image.
This is a very precious feature, because you can stick both the
boot1a and the etherboot code in the unused chunk of the first
track of the disk (sectors 2-63 or 2-32 in the case of flash cards),
meaning that you can set up a diskless boot partition even if the
disk is fully used.

With the new code i believe you need LILO, and i am not sure
at all that you can do the same -- at the very least you cannot
certainly do something as simple as

        cat boot1a.bin rtl8139.lzrom | dd of=/dev/ad0 oseek=1

to install the diskless partition.

I understand that the new code supports a lot more cards, and this is
a good reason to have it -- but the 'boot1a' feature is a precious one,
basically the first thing (and possibly the only one) I install on every
HD i have to let it boot freebsd.

I believe we ought to keep the old port around, either by renaming
it to etherboot50, or (for POLA) renaming the new one to etherboot52 or
etherboot-ng or similar.


On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 09:52:50PM +0000, Doug Ambrisko wrote:
> ambrisko    2004-06-30 21:52:50 UTC
>   FreeBSD ports repository
>   Modified files:
>     net/etherboot        Makefile distinfo pkg-descr 
>     net/etherboot/files  patch-aa 
>   Added files:
>     net/etherboot/files  patch-ab patch-ac 
>   Log:
>   Update to EtherBoot 5.2.4
>   Revision  Changes    Path
>   1.26      +1 -1      ports/net/etherboot/Makefile
>   1.16      +2 -2      ports/net/etherboot/distinfo
>   1.13      +22 -44    ports/net/etherboot/files/patch-aa
>   1.8       +33 -0     ports/net/etherboot/files/patch-ab (new)
>   1.1       +15 -0     ports/net/etherboot/files/patch-ac (new)
>   1.8       +1 -1      ports/net/etherboot/pkg-descr

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