cvs commit: ports/mail/courier Makefile distinfo pkg-descr pkg-install pkg-message pkg-plist ports/mail/courier/files patch-configure ports/mail/courier/scripts ...

Sergei Kolobov sergei at
Thu Jan 15 07:12:44 PST 2004

sergei      2004/01/15 07:12:32 PST

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    mail/courier         Makefile distinfo pkg-descr 
                         pkg-install pkg-message pkg-plist 
    mail/courier/scripts configure.courier 
  Added files:
    mail/courier/files   patch-configure patch-courier::configure 
  Removed files:
  - Update to 0.44.2
  - Fix LDAP support build problems
  - CONFLICTS has been expanded
  - WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_AFPL support has been changed to honor GSPORT
  - WITH_TRANSPORT+=uucp changed since uucp is no longer part of the base system
    and NOUUCP is no longer a /etc/make.conf tunable for buildworld
  - WITH_EXPECT not being set now adds --disable-changepass which causes the suid
    authdaemon.passwd to not be installed.
  - devel/fam dependency is now non-optional since the port will use the library
    if it finds it regardless of one's intention to use it or not.  For instance
    if libfam is installed and one doe not want it used by courier but chosses
    the WITH_LDAP support than libfam will get sucked in as well.  Then the user
    deletes fam and courier breaks because the user had no idea courier depended
    on it.  So until courier gets a configure --without-fam tunable this should
    be a mandatory dependency.
  - and last but not least etc/rc.d/ startup script has been rewritten
    to work with rc.subr which allows one to move it to /etc/rc.d/courier and
    have it just work. :)
  PR:             61112
  Submitted by:   Yarema <yds at>
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.23      +87 -53    ports/mail/courier/Makefile
  1.6       +5 -5      ports/mail/courier/
  1.11      +1 -1      ports/mail/courier/distinfo
  1.3       +103 -51   ports/mail/courier/files/
  1.1       +12 -0     ports/mail/courier/files/patch-configure (new)
  1.1       +15 -0     ports/mail/courier/files/patch-courier::configure (new)
  1.2       +0 -21     ports/mail/courier/files/ (dead)
  1.3       +1 -1      ports/mail/courier/pkg-descr
  1.5       +3 -3      ports/mail/courier/pkg-install
  1.4       +18 -3     ports/mail/courier/pkg-message
  1.10      +52 -38    ports/mail/courier/pkg-plist
  1.11      +50 -62    ports/mail/courier/scripts/configure.courier

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