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Thu Dec 30 22:17:24 PST 2004

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wrote Kris Kennaway thusly...
> On Wed, Dec 29, 2004 at 09:16:49PM -0500, Parv wrote:
> > in message <1104359333.854.38.camel at leguin>,
> > wrote Eric Anholt thusly...
> > >
> > > This directory needs to be made during startup by the system, i.e.
> > > not X.Org or XFree86.  The only question is whether we're going to
> > > put the rc script in a common port, each of the ports that needs
> > > it, or the base system.  I lean towards #3.
> > 
> > I sure hope there would be NO_ICE_DIR or some such knob for those of
> > us that have no use for KDE if the directory creation goes into the
> > base system.
> Let's all take up a collection to buy Parv a spare inode, instead. :-)

I certainly can use it for my /usr partition (581 MB, 5.3, UFS2, "-b
8192 -f 1024" newfs options) which runs out of inodes around 70-80%
capacity.  That was quite a surprise in comparison to /usr of
slightly smaller size on FreeBSD 4.x of.

Anyway, my point was ... whatever would create the directory should
not be part of base installation.  It should only be installed when a
particular version of XFree86/Xorg will require it outside of base
system directories, which can be overridden like in the case of
openssh port.

  - Parv


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