files/patch-* pathname separators

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Wed Apr 21 13:15:26 PDT 2004

At 1:02 PM +0000 4/21/04, Eivind Eklund wrote:
>I'd really ike to document *something* as the canonical form - and
>that shouldn't be "patch-aa".  If the consensus is that this should
>use :: as a separator, I'm very happy with that - and if it is that
>it should be +, I'm more happy with that than with variation :-)

Not that this will be enough of a selling-point to most developers,
but note that *if* the pkg-data project does collapse patch files
into a single file, then the pathname could be almost anything.  We
could, for instance, use slash's as the canonical form of the name
in the pkg-data file.

Then the "expand" and "contract" options could pick some replacement
value for slash (or even create a full hierarchy of real directories),
with that being a user-specified option.  Thus, each user could
chose whatever form that they are happy with.  So before screaming
that a "full hierarchy of real directories is incredibly stupid!",
please note that you would only get that if you personally set it.

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