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Brian F. Feldman green at
Mon Apr 12 10:47:41 PDT 2004

Marius Strobl <marius at> wrote: 
> No, tried that in the past (see Makefile revision 1.50 - 1.52) and
> didn't work well (from the port's point of view).
> a) There's not always a DVD-patch for the current alpha snapshot
>    available. Have a look at the above URL, there were no patches
>    for e.g. 2.01a17 - 2.01a19 and 2.01a21 - 2.01a24. This means if
>    the patch for the previous version no longer applies and there's
>    no updated patch available (which happens often) I have to either
>    delay a port update or remove the DVD-patch-option until a new
>    version of the patch is available or create my own patch - all
>    no good solutions.
> b) The quality of the DVD-patch is bad, there are obvious bugs
>    (tried to fix some via an EXTRA_PATCHES while the port had an
>    option for the DVD-patch).
> c) Patching cdrecord means there's absolutely no support for it by
>    its author Joerg Schilling, something I don't want for the port.
> If you want to write DVDs please use a tool that's written for it,
> like e.g. burncd(8), cdrecord-ProDVD, dvd+rw-tools or dvdrtools
> (note that the latter is a fork of cdrecord which violates the GPL
> according to Joerg Schilling).

That's the problem -- the only options are burncd(8) and dvd+rw-tools.  Of 
those, dvd+rw-tools only works on DVD+RW, burncd cannot correctly format my 
DVD+RW (only can be done correctly from the SCSI emulation layer with 
cdrecord-dvdhack or dvd+rw-tools), and the other two are completely 
unacceptable in that they are unavailable in source/crippleware or 
unavailable period, it seems, in the case of dvdrtools.

As to the quality being bad, did you submit the DVD-hack patches back to the 
author?  I don't think any of these things are really show-stoppers, just 
that it would be appropriate to make a non-slave-port that doesn't call 
itself cdrecord or cdrecord-devel.  I guess it depends on whether there are 
users that would like to use this program on FreeBSD.  Why in the world is 
cdrecord-ProDVD binary-only, anyway?

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