cvs commit: ports/x11/kdelibs3/files patch-khtml::rendering::render_root.cpp

Dominic Marks dom at
Tue Aug 5 13:53:11 PDT 2003

On Tuesday 05 August 2003 4:49 pm, Tilman Linneweh wrote:
> arved       2003/08/05 09:49:00 PDT
>   FreeBSD ports repository
>   Added files:
>     x11/kdelibs3/files   patch-khtml::rendering::render_root.cpp
>   Log:
>   Patch to fix the "horizontal toolbars on every page" bug


Considering how horrid this bug is would a PORTREVISION bump be in 
order ? I assume that I must this already have been considered 
because of the number of people who work on KDE/FreeBSD - but from a 
user perspective messed up scroll bars are so very, very annoying.

Dominic <dom at>

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