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Robert Watson rwatson at
Tue Jun 2 21:04:26 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2 Jun 2009, Marc Fonvieille wrote:

>> Yes, this makes sense.  I think one should be proud for every one of their 
>> contributions to FreeBSD, so listing real names sounds like a Good Thing.
> [...]
> Well, we cannot force people to give their "real" name if they don't want 
> to.  Everyone is free to choose and everyone can have his own reasons. 
> Refusing to give credits or to add someone to the contributors list cause he 
> prefers to not give his real name will not give a positive image of the 
> project. On the other hand, what are we calling a "real name"?  Something 
> that looks like a "person name"?  It can be a fake...

For the purposes of copyright attribution, use of legal names for entities (be 
it individuals or companies) is quite important.  What "legal name" means in 
different countries varies significantly, but we should make a best effort 
attempt to ensure that all copyright attributions are correct for non-trivial 

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