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jk> On Saturday, 05 January 2008 05:25:24 Hiroki Sato wrote:
jk> > Johann Kois <jkois at> wrote
jk> >   in <200801042116.m04LGSBZ063456 at>:
jk> > jk>   Revision  Changes    Path
jk> > jk>   1.1       +16 -0     www/en/news/2006/Makefile (new)
jk> > jk>   1.1       +1005 -0   www/en/news/2006/news.xml (new)
jk> > jk>   1.1       +580 -0    www/en/news/2006/press.xml (new)
jk> > jk>   1.48      +2 -1      www/en/news/Makefile
jk> > jk>   1.8       +2 -1      www/share/sgml/libcommon.xsl
jk> > jk>   1.135     +1 -979    www/share/sgml/news.xml
jk> > jk>   1.56      +1 -565    www/share/sgml/press.xml
jk> >
jk> >  How about generating the 2006's page directly from news.xml instead
jk> >  of moving the news items from the language-independent directory to
jk> >  www/en?  I think this change forces the translation teams to catch up
jk> >  with the directory structure, and currently
jk> >  www/<lang>/share/sgml/news.xml depends on www/share/sgml/news.xml to
jk> >  support partial translation but the moving breaks this functionality
jk> >  at least.
jk> With that you mean we would have only on big news.xml file but would only
jk> display the current news (lets say 2007 and 2008) on the main page
jk> (news/news.html)?

 Basically yes.  Storing new and old news items into one file does not
 mean we always have to display the whole of them.  It can be done by
 changing templates such as html-news-list-* in libcommon.xsl.  Also
 it is possible to separate the old items in news.xml to news.2006.xml
 in the same directory or so if the file is too big for us.

jk> And we would provide links to earlier years (which we do now on the bottom of
jk> news.html) which would also just display the entries from the selected years?
jk> But all news entries would access the same news.xml file?


jk> Sounds interesting but I am not exactly sure how to do that. And what about
jk> the older years (up to 2005) which already reside in separate subdirectories
jk> and aren't always translated (or up-to-date)?

 I think XMLified old news entries should be merged into single (or
 multiple) files in the language-independent directory, and generating
 "old news" page should be done by XSLT stylesheet, not by hand.  The
 current framework can support it, but the current file/directory
 structure is left unfinished from this point of view.  BTW, older
 items in SGML are difficult to re-use, so converting them to the
 current format would be better (but it is a low-priority task for

 The partial translation support means pulling all items from the
 news.xml in English and the localized one, and then copying
 translated and not-translated items to the localized web page, and
 more importantly, this mechanism is also applied to the English web
 page---for the English page all items are simply considered as
 not-translated.  The benefit is consistency when the English page is
 updated.  The news pages in all of the translated languages will also
 get updated without updating the localized page.  Even if the
 translation team cannot translate the page in a timely manner, the
 news item in English appears.

 So, if we want to separate old news items to a new page, moving
 entries in news.xml to another language-dependent place makes
 difficult to keep the structure.  I like when English page has a new
 page for older news items, the translated pages also get updated in
 the same way without additional work.

 Anyway, it is difficult to discuss this with no real patch, so let me
 try to make it.

| Hiroki SATO
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