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Scott Long scottl at
Fri Sep 1 16:05:13 UTC 2006

John Baldwin wrote:

> On Friday 01 September 2006 10:41, Scott Long wrote:
>>Joel Dahl wrote:
>>>joel        2006-09-01 09:17:38 UTC
>>>  FreeBSD doc repository
>>>  Modified files:
>>>    en/projects/busdma   index.sgml 
>>>  Log:
>>>  -  Add a bunch of missing USB network drivers: aue(4), axe(4), cdce(4),
>>>     cue(4), kue(4), rue(4) and udav(4).  Mark everything as unknown for 
> now.
>>>  -  Fix minor nits.
>>>  Revision  Changes    Path
>>>  1.147     +87 -10    www/en/projects/busdma/index.sgml
>>The DMA capability of a USB peripheral is a function of the USB stack 
>>and controller, not the peripheral driver.  Unlike a PCI card, a USB
>>periph does not have access to host memory.  All of the real magic seems
>>to happen in places like usbd_setup_xfer(), which again is a function of
>>the stack, not the periph driver.  These drivers don't belong on this
>>list at all, and I'd argue that no USB periph drivers do.
> The only reason they might is that this list has become a list not just of 
> bus-dma conformance, but locking as well (i.e. a general driver 
> feature/requirement list), so while the DMA-related entries should probably 
> be N/A for the USB devices, the locking fields are still relevant.  We could 
> move the list of drivers to a separate driver-features list page if you would 
> prefer.

Yeah, I forgot about the co-opted use.  No need to create a new list.


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