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> +	<li><p><a href="">
> +	  DragonflyBSD</a> started as a code fork from
> (For style consistency) we should not wrap like this the content of
> <a></a> tags.

It's done in many other pages.

> +	<li><p><a href="">
> +	  PicoBSD</a> is a tailored distribution of FreeBSD that fits
> +	  on a floppy.  It is great for turning diskless 386 PC into a
> +	  router or a network print server.  It is based on FreeBSD
> +	  3.x.</p></li>
> +
> The old text regarding PicoBSD was correct, this new one is not.
> PicoBSD is not based on FreeBSD 3.X but on the source of the system used
> to build it (/usr/src/release/picobsd).  The provided link is outdated
> (and will never be updated), a better solution would be to point on
> /usr/src/release/picobsd or nothing.

That webpage must be updated or taken down. Who can access it?
Note that it's referenced on other pages of the website too, see

I decided to link picobsd(8) manpage instead. I also updated the text a

> +	<li><p><a href="../projects/nanobsd/">
> +	  NanoBSD</a> is another project to produce a reduced versions
> +	  of FreeBSD to put it on a Compact Flash card or other mass
> +	  storage.</p></li>
> +
> It would be interesting to mention that NanoBSD is supported by the
> FreeBSD Project and is part of the base tree.


> +	<li><p><a href="">
> +	  TinyBSD</a> is a set of tools made up of shell scripts
> +	  designed to allow easy development of Embedded Systems based
> +	  on FreeBSD 5.x and 6.x.</p></li>
> +
> [...]
> s/.x/.X/ for consistency.


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