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    en_US.ISO8859-1/articles/problem-reports article.sgml 
  Major additions of text to this article:
   - continue to add more information that is specific to the web-based
     form as opposed to send-pr(1).  In particular, mention problems that
     are particular to that method.
   - greatly expand the text sections about various fields such as
     'categories' to try to adddress continuing misunderstanding on
     the part of our users.
   - discuss the fact that spammers will most likely find your email
     address from a GNATS submission.
   - demote kernel panics to 'serious' to represent commonly accepted
     usage.  Reserve 'critical' for data corruption issues or things that
     would be considered 'showstoppers' for an upcoming release.  (I am
     using my bugmeister hat for this change.)
   - reiterate that serious security problems should go to secteam, not
     into GNATS.
   - document the common problems seen when submitting PRs, including
     our anti-spam measures and the 'lost PR' index problem.
   - deprecate the use of HTML-only messages.  Regression testing using
     the spam filters shows that close to 100% of such messages are spam.
     (The filters have been tuned to correctly pass HTML that is included
     in patches but reject HTML that conforms to all the common abuse
     patterns.  I am using my bugmeister hat for this change).
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