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Tue Aug 24 12:05:10 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-08-24 at 11:41, Simon L. Nielsen wrote:

> As I see it, DOS means all variants (including MS-DOS, DR-DOS, IBM-DOS
> and so on) where MS-DOS refers specifically to MS-DOS.  In the context
> of FreeBSD documentation I think in most cases when referring to
> MS-DOS, it would apply to other DOS variants as well.

Although this is almost totally irrelevent in this context, DOS can
refer to operating systems other than MS-DOS workalikes...the first
example that comes to my mind is the Disk Operating System that ran on
Apple IIs long before Microsoft cared about PCs. [1]


[1] It's not *totally* irrelevant in that if someone were to write some
Handbook text about running Apple II emulators such as kegs under
FreeBSD, they'd probably be talking about DOS in a non-PC context.  [2]

[2] I'm feeling silly...must be time for lunch.

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