"Mrs Jennifer James". jenniferjames at
Wed May 9 10:07:14 UTC 2012


I am Mrs. Jennifer James, I have a package (Bank Draft) of 2,000,000,00Pounds  in your name, the Cheque was won by your email, is the 2012 British National Lottery, you did not contact us since we notify you, so i have to take your Cheque to the DHL courier Service Here in United Kingdom, and at the moment i am at Spain on a program, and i will be here for 1month, you will have to contact the DHL Courier Service London United kingdom with 

Your Full Name, 
Contact Address, 
Phone number 

for immediate delivery.

Contact Details of the DHL Courier Service 
Disparch officer: Mr Ken Derrick
Email:  dhldeliveryservice2 at

I alread paid for the delivery fee, Vat, insurance fee,security keeping fee, but the only money you have to pay to the DHL Courier Service is 200Pounds for the Custom Clearance fee, i would have pay the Custom Clearance fee, but i was told by the DHL Courier Officer not to pay, because they dont know when you will be contacting them incase of demurrage, so contact the DHL courier service, and follow their instruction, and they will deliver the cheque to you as soon as possible contact DHL Courier via dhldeliveryservice2 at

Best Regards
Mrs Jennifer James

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