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bs> 29.02.2012 16:09, Hiroki Sato пишет:
bs> > hrs         2012-02-29 12:09:03 UTC
bs> > 
bs> >   FreeBSD ports repository
bs> > 
bs> >   Modified files:
bs> >     print/ghostscript9   Makefile 
bs> >   Log:
bs> >   Disable libpaper by default because it can override the A4SIZE option
bs> >   unintentionally.
bs> Can you explain this a little bit wider?

 When libpaper is not linked, the default size is determined by
 constants in the gs drivers.  WITH_A4SIZE option makes them "a4" in
 compile-time.  When linking libpaper, gs defines a paper size
 returned by defaultpapername() (libpaper API) as /DEFAULTPAPERSIZE
 via .defaultpapesize (this corresponds to gp_defaultpapersize() in C)
 in  It overrides the constants in the drivers.  However,
 the libpaper's default size is always "letter", so in that case the
 gs would use US letter size by default even if WITH_A4SIZE option in
 this port was enabled.

 I think WITH_A4SIZE option should be deprecated at some point and the
 default paper size can be selected by libpaper in run-time because it
 will be more consistent and flexible, but the current code in gs
 prevents it because it uses defaultpapername(), not systempapername()
 for some reason.

 So, the functionality the libpaper provides in gs is only to define
 /DEFAULTPAPERSIZE but it is confusing due to the above reason.  This
 was why I decided to disable libpaper at this moment.

-- Hiroki
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