cvs commit: ports/devel Makefile ports/devel/gjstest Makefile distinfo pkg-descr pkg-plist ports/devel/gjstest/files patch-base-stl_decl.h

Sunpoet Po-Chuan Hsieh sunpoet at
Tue Oct 18 17:03:51 UTC 2011

sunpoet     2011-10-18 17:03:51 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    devel                Makefile 
  Added files:
    devel/gjstest        Makefile distinfo pkg-descr pkg-plist 
    devel/gjstest/files  patch-base-stl_decl.h 
  - Add gjstest 1.0.6
  Google JS Test is a fast javascript unit testing framework that runs on the V8
  engine, without needing to launch a full browser.
  Features include:
  - Extremely fast test startup and execution time, without having to run a
  - Clean, readable output in the case of both passing and failing tests.
  - A browser-based test driver that can simply be refreshed whenever JS is
  - Style and semantics that resemble Google Test for C++.
  - A built-in mocking framework that requires minimal boilerplate code (e.g. no
    $tearDown or $verifyAll) with style and semantics based on the Google C++
    Mocking Framework.
  The trade-off is that since tests are run in V8 without a browser, there is no
  DOM available. You can still use Google JS Test for tests of DOM-manipulating
  code however; see "Is it for me?" [1] for more details.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4620    +1 -0      ports/devel/Makefile
  1.1       +41 -0     ports/devel/gjstest/Makefile (new)
  1.1       +2 -0      ports/devel/gjstest/distinfo (new)
  1.1       +11 -0     ports/devel/gjstest/files/patch-base-stl_decl.h (new)
  1.1       +21 -0     ports/devel/gjstest/pkg-descr (new)
  1.1       +36 -0     ports/devel/gjstest/pkg-plist (new)

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