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Alex Dupre ale at
Tue Dec 27 09:19:13 UTC 2011

Alexey Dokuchaev ha scritto:
> Which is very stupid.  One of the reasons to use license framework is to
> avoid spamming the filesystem with umpteen identical copies of GPL et al.
> Unless the port installs some proprietary license file, setting LICENSE_FILE
> should not use needed or used.

I may agree with you, but not the doc. It should be explained clearer in 
the doc when it should be set or not.

> Yes, ideally, we have to store all common licenses texts in out place, and
> create symlinks over there for each individual port (i.e. under
> $localbase/share/licenses/<portname>).

Ideally? Is this "one of the reasons to use license framework" or not? 
If so, it should do it, otherwise we have a lame framework and are 
forced to add LICENSE_FILE to ports with standard licenses.

Alex Dupre

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