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Bernhard Fröhlich decke at
Sun Mar 14 18:15:44 UTC 2010

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> On 03/13/10 20:07, Wesley Shields wrote:
> > wxs                2010-03-14 04:07:41 UTC
> >
> >    FreeBSD ports repository
> >
> >    Modified files:
> >        www/redmine                  Makefile
> >    Added files:
> >        www/redmine/files
> >    Log:
> >    - Add RC script.
> >   
> >    PR:                        ports/144299
> >    Submitted by:    Bernhard
> > Froehlich <decke at> (maintainer)   
> >    Revision  Changes      Path
> >    1.8            +6 -0          ports/www/redmine/Makefile
> >    1.1            +32 -0        ports/www/redmine/files/ (new)
> >
> >
> >
> There are several problems with this script.

Thanks for your comment. I will have a look at the issues in the next few days.

> 1. The REQUIRE line needs to be changed to LOGIN. This is preferred for
> all local scripts, but mandatory for those which run with a non-root
> [ug]id (which this one does).
> 2. Instead of command=%%RUBY_NAME%% it's likely you want to use
> command_interpreter instead. Does the stop command work with this script
> as it is currently?

Yes it does work fine. I use it since a few months. The binary that is shown with top is ruby18 and RUBY_NAME is exactly that.

> 3. _flags should not be included in command_args, it will result in them
> being included twice.

Oh did not know that the flags are automatically append to command_args. I will check and remove this then.

> 4. Are all of the options included in _flags actually things that a user
> might wish to twiddle? Should some of them be in command_args instead?

Yes they are but the user should have no reason to change user and group so this could be moved to command_args.

> 5. The pidfile location looks dubious to me, but I'm not sure if putting
> pid files in WWWDIR has somehow become routine?

That is a bigger disussion because redmine is designed to work completely inside of his home directory and that includes scripts, pidfiles, tmp and everything else. I have already looked at spliting that up but decided against it because it would be a bad hack.

> 6. And finally a minor issue, %%RC_SUBR%% should just be /etc/rc.subr.
> I'll be making that change for all ports once the ports freeze is over,
> so no reason not to do it now.

Did not know that either. When thinking about that issues it would have been good to have a few good examples or a documentation. Does that probably already exist and i just haven't found it?

Thanks for your comments and i will also have a look at my other startscripts if they have the same problems.

Bernhard Fröhlich

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