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Christian Weisgerber naddy at
Wed Jun 9 16:32:56 UTC 2010

Rob Farmer:

> >  Bump PORTREVISION for ports that depend on libogg, directly or indirectly
> >  (via libvorbis, libtheora).
> I do not think this list is complete. Upon trying to login to gnome,
> my taskbar and menu bar won't appear and the following appears in
> .xsession-errors.

olgeni@ sent me this list:

| audio/gnome-media
| audio/libsamplerate
| audio/pulseaudio
| audio/twolame
| deskutils/gnome-utils
| sysutils/brasero
| sysutils/gnome-control-center
| sysutils/gnome-settings-daemon
| x11-toolkits/py-gnome-desktop
| x11-wm/metacity
| x11/gdm
| x11/gnome-panel

None of these have a straightforward dependency on libogg in their
Makefiles, although I have a good idea how they are pulling it in

I can bump the ports above, but there is no telling how many more
might be affected.

I'm afraid the only way to be sure is to recursively rebuild all
dependent ports (portupgrade -rf libogg).  This will probably mean
recompiling most of GNOME or KDE for the people who have those

I'll prepare an entry for UPDATING.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                          naddy at

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