cvs commit: ports/games/wesnoth-devel Makefile distinfo pkg-plist ports/games/wesnoth-devel/files patch-multiplayer_connect.cpp

Anonymous swell.k at
Thu Oct 1 11:50:18 UTC 2009

Philip Paeps <philip at> writes:

> philip      2009-10-01 09:28:42 UTC
>   FreeBSD ports repository
>   Modified files:
>     games/wesnoth-devel  Makefile distinfo pkg-plist 
>   Removed files:
>     games/wesnoth-devel/files patch-multiplayer_connect.cpp 
>   Log:
>   Update to 1.7.6.
>   While here:
>     o Use GCC 4.2+ to fix build on 6.x

I'm not sure using `+' is a good idea. I can compile it using g++42
and g++43 but it fails on linking when using g++44[1] and g++45.

Hmm, does not appear to support ranges like,

    USE_GCC=	4.2-4.3

doesn't work. Unless someone wants to fix that file following

    .MAKEFLAGS:	GCCVERSIONS="040200 040300"

can be used to limit GCC to 4.2 and 4.3.

>     o Pacify portlint about out-of-order PKGNAMESUFFIX
>   PR:             ports/139274
>   Submitted by:   Anonymous <swell.k at>

[1] $ make CXX=g++44
g++44 ... -o wesnoth ...
/usr/local/lib/gcc44/ warning: warning: this program uses gets(), which is unsafe.
game.o: In function `(anonymous namespace)::game_controller::game_controller(int, char**)':
game.cpp:(.text+0x9e98): undefined reference to `std::ctype<char>::_M_widen_init() const'
actions.o: In function `attack::attack(map_location const&, map_location const&, int, int, bool)':
actions.cpp:(.text+0x187c1): undefined reference to `std::ctype<char>::_M_widen_init() const'
addon_management.o: In function `archive_addon(std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > const&, config&)':
addon_management.cpp:(.text+0xb6e7): undefined reference to `std::ctype<char>::_M_widen_init() const'
ai/actions.o: In function `ai::action_result::~action_result()':
actions.cpp:(.text+0xc09): undefined reference to `std::ctype<char>::_M_widen_init() const'
ai/actions.o: In function `ai::action_result::~action_result()':
actions.cpp:(.text+0xdb4): undefined reference to `std::ctype<char>::_M_widen_init() const'
ai/actions.o:actions.cpp:(.text+0x1047): more undefined references to `std::ctype<char>::_M_widen_init() const' follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
gmake[2]: *** [wesnoth] Error 1

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