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Robert Watson rwatson at
Thu Mar 12 05:06:38 PDT 2009

On Thu, 12 Mar 2009, Alexander Leidinger wrote:

>> It's a huge piece of work, so while he's pulled in some minor bits, a lot 
>> remains left to review.  We plan to hold an NFSv4 ACL session at BSDCan, 
>> although I hope that we will be able to get quite a bit of it into the tree 
>> before then.  Rick Macklem also has patches to expose Edward's 
>> NFSv4-semantic ACLs via his NFSv4 server code (and possibly also the client 
>> side?).  Among other complex aspects to the change, the ACL ABI for system 
>> calls is significantly changed, there are significant VFS changes, and we 
>> need to review the merging of POSIX.1e/NTFS/SMB/CIFS/NFSv4/Solaris/Apple 
>> ACLs and make sure we ended up with a model that will satisfy application 
>> developers, etc.
> A lot of interesting stuff in the answer to a simple question... I'm looking 
> forward to see all this comming in.

Ditto.  One of the reasons I'm so impressed with this GSoC project is that it 
was indeed a very, very complex problem to work on.  It is my hope that we can 
ship with NFSv4 ACLs as an experimental feature in 8.0, but we'll see how it 
goes over the next few months.  I'm probably the bottleneck here as code 

Robert N M Watson
Computer Laboratory
University of Cambridge

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