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> ga> >>     es_ES.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/ports chapter.sgml
> ga> >>   Log:
> ga> >>   Cosmetic change:
> ga> >>
> ga> >>   s/<quote>/&laquo;/g
> ga> >>   s/<\quote>/&raquo;/g
> ga> >>
> ga> >>   Revision  Changes    Path
> ga> >>   1.15 +22 -22 doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/ports/chapter.sgml
> ga> >>     
> ga> >
> ga> > Isn't <quote> a higher-level, semantic tag?
> ga> >
> ga> > I think we can convince jade to output &laquo; by tweaking the es_ES
> ga> > DSSSL code, instead of using explicit tagging in the text itself :)
> ga> >   
> ga> I considered this before suggesting the current solution and I thought
> ga> that <quote> didn't have a real semantic meaning in such uses, because
> ga> it doesn't mean citation from an original text, it just means "quoted
> ga> text" in those occurrences. For example, if we had citations from
> ga> FreeBSD or IT-related books, it would be a loss of semantic
> ga> information then, but while we use it for quoting special terms I
> ga> consider this an acceptable solution. But this is just my opinion and
> ga> apart from this, it would be nice to modify the DSSSL stylesheet to
> ga> have these latin quotation marks at default.
>  I think using <quote> instead of &[lr]aquo; is more reasonable.  The
>  <quote> element in DocBook is just for in-line text with quotation
>  marks, not implying either citation or other semantics.  So, if you
>  just want to add quotation marks around a text, not for emphasizing
>  it, using <quote> is the right way.

I'm pretty sure that you're right, the reasonable, and canonical way of 
doing that things in DocBook (probably in English and other languages) 
is that. I have no doubt about it. But I think that it's a good idea 
using [lr]aquo; in *our* texts because:

- it's easier to type than <quote> and </quote>. One of the reasons of 
our lack of translators in our branch of FDP is that they can't just 
type, and they have to type a lot of tags, acutes and so on.

- if the upper authoriry in the Spanish (or Castillan) language says 
that you can use both of them to add quotation marks around a text and 
one of them is easier to type than the other one... well, you got the 
point ;-)

- The quotes that you got when using [lr]aquo; are called "latin". That 
sounds interesting to me, as a translator to Spanish, for obvious 
reasons ;-)

I think the idea is working to match the DocBook to human languages and 
their representation. At least that's my point.

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