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Harry Mica harry_mica at
Thu Jul 24 07:04:38 UTC 2008

With kind regards/Met vriendelijke groeten,
Harry Ph. Mica

NL Procurement, Technical Subcontracting 
Phone: +31-(0)20.513.7007
Fax: +31-(0)20.513.2543
IBM Netherland B.V.
David Ricardostraat 2-4
1066 JS Amsterdam, Netherlands
Inschrijving Handelsreister Nr: 33054214
VAT NL0014.75.253.B01
N.b. For questions related to Procurement  "Technical Subcontracting" 
please check de "How to Purchase website"
Supplier Questions and/or for update of extention of 
orders/claim/expenses: fwo-admin at 0031 205 145 400
EWOI HELPDESK +31 (0)20-5145163 
** (PASC at HU.IBM.COM) ** ** BOND Helpdesk +31 (0) 205145163** CSA helpdesk 
020 514 5163*** IBM Internal Procurement IBM External Procurement
P Before printing, please think about ENVIRONMENTAL responsibility 

Tenzij hierboven anders aangegeven: / Unless stated otherwise above:
IBM Nederland B.V.
Gevestigd te Amsterdam
Inschrijving Handelsregister Amsterdam Nr. 33054214

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