cvs commit: www/en/news Makefile www/en/news/2006 Makefile news.xml press.xml www/share/sgml libcommon.xsl news.xml press.xml

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Fri Jan 4 20:36:33 PST 2008

Johann Kois <jkois at> wrote
  in <200801042116.m04LGSBZ063456 at>:

jk> jkois       2008-01-04 21:16:27 UTC
jk>   FreeBSD doc repository
jk>   Modified files:
jk>     en/news              Makefile
jk>     share/sgml           libcommon.xsl news.xml press.xml
jk>   Added files:
jk>     en/news/2006         Makefile news.xml press.xml
jk>   Log:
jk>   Move the old news and press articles from 2006 to separate subfolders and
jk>   link to them from the main news/press sites.
jk>   Revision  Changes    Path
jk>   1.1       +16 -0     www/en/news/2006/Makefile (new)
jk>   1.1       +1005 -0   www/en/news/2006/news.xml (new)
jk>   1.1       +580 -0    www/en/news/2006/press.xml (new)
jk>   1.48      +2 -1      www/en/news/Makefile
jk>   1.8       +2 -1      www/share/sgml/libcommon.xsl
jk>   1.135     +1 -979    www/share/sgml/news.xml
jk>   1.56      +1 -565    www/share/sgml/press.xml

 How about generating the 2006's page directly from news.xml instead
 of moving the news items from the language-independent directory to
 www/en?  I think this change forces the translation teams to catch up
 with the directory structure, and currently
 www/<lang>/share/sgml/news.xml depends on www/share/sgml/news.xml to
 support partial translation but the moving breaks this functionality
 at least.

| Hiroki SATO
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