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Michael Nottebrock lofi at
Fri Sep 7 10:47:08 PDT 2007

Doug Barton wrote:
>> Security/pinentry is an "old school" master-port for the
>> pinentry-[toolkit] slave-ports. I stopped doing master-slave ports of
>> that sort after that one precisely because you end up in situations like
>> this where people manage to miss the ports they are supposed to use
>> despite the fact they are being pointed to them in pkg-messages and they
>> can be very easily found in a search.
> So it sounds to me like you're saying that the pinentry port is not
> designed to be used directly?
Most users should not use it. A few might want to - if they want all the
pinentry utilities and save themselves the trouble of typing pkg_add -r
pinentry-curses pinentry-gtk pinentry-gtk2 pinentry-qt. Note by the way
that the gnupg utiltities (i.e. gpg-agent) will try and automatically
fall back on pinentry-curses if an X11-based pinentry fails.
>> Apparently even committers sometimes cannot see the wood for the trees
>> because Roman could have just added options for each of the pinentry
>> slave ports to the already existing gnupg options menu in his PR
>> instead.
> That's an interesting idea that I hadn't considered. I think doing
> that, with a default of the curses version would probably be ok ...
> the only concern I have with that is what to do if the user chooses
> more than one and they conflict. Generate a fatal error?
The pinentry slave ports do not conflict with each other - they only
conflict with the master port.

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