cvs commit: ports/www/squid30 Makefile distinfo ports/www/squid30/files

Martin Wilke miwi at
Sun Jun 24 20:28:33 UTC 2007

miwi        2007-06-24 20:28:32 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    www/squid30          Makefile distinfo 
  - Update to PatchSet 10865 as of 20070623
  - Update to CVS as of 2007-06-23, i.e. include all applicable PatchSets up
    to PatchSet 10865.
  - Due to popular demand introduce squid_pidfile as rc(8) tunable; it
    defaults to ${PREFIX}/squid/logs/ Document the need to tweak
    this variable in squid.conf.default if the administrator chooses to change
    this default in Squid's configuration.
  - install a new basic auth helper "DB" that is used to get user/password
    information via a SQL database accessible with Perl's DBI; install the
    example SQL script to create such a database in ${EXAMPLESDIR}
  - Apply some cleanups in Makefile:
          * prefer PatchSet over ChangeSet consistently
          * improve handling of debugging options
          * note that Squid-3's kqueue(2) is still considered experimental by the
            Squid developers (but keep it enabled by default)
  PR:             113997
  Submitted by:   Thomas-Martin Seck <tmseck at> (maintainer)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.201     +19 -17    ports/www/squid30/Makefile
  1.156     +78 -0     ports/www/squid30/distinfo
  1.5       +13 -2     ports/www/squid30/files/
  1.3       +5 -3      ports/www/squid30/files/

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