cvs commit: src/sys/netgraph/bluetooth/drivers/ubtbcmfw ubtbcmfw.c

Maksim Yevmenkin maksim.yevmenkin at
Wed Jun 13 14:38:55 UTC 2007

On 6/12/07, M. Warner Losh <imp at> wrote:
> In message: <200706130032.l5D0W1Nl082498 at>
>             Maksim Yevmenkin <emax at> writes:
> : emax        2007-06-13 00:32:00 UTC
> :   Catch up with USB cleanups and fix the world
> btw, I'm planning on adding a <dev/usb/usb6xcompat.h> for those
> drivers wishing to remain compatible with the older 6.x api found in
> usb_port.h.  If you'd like, I'll be happy leave these drivers 6.x
> compatible (of course with my inline expansion, they will work on
> 6.x).

inline expansions are fine. usb6xcompat.h is a good idea too. either
way is fine with me. those are minor things.

> Also, I'm sorry if my cleanups have caused you grief.  I'll try to be
> more careful in the future.

no problem :)


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