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Tue Aug 7 11:40:14 PDT 2007

On 2007-Aug-07 14:51:23 +0200, Alexander Leidinger <Alexander at> wrote:
>ports. But for some ports you can get the benefit immediately. I hope you 
>are not too biased regarding KDE. Yes, KDE and such would benefit by a huge 
>amount by this, more than smaller ports, but even for the "small" 
>dependency trees this can result in nice improvements.

I can see the speed advantage in your suggestion: Modular X has
definitely resulted in massive bloat in dependencies with simple X
clients needing 60-70 dependencies.  This is _very_ noticable when
registering a package on a slow system.

I'm less convinced that it is possible to automate the process.

>A list of libs for the given binaries:
>for i in "$@"; do
>        objdump -x "$i" | grep NEEDED | awk '{print $2}'
>        shift
>done | sort -u

This won't detect dynamically loaded libraries.  mplayer appears to
dlopen() codecs.  Further investigation might reveal other examples.

>Putting the XORG problem aside, I think you assume there is more work 
>required than will be necessary. I think there will be a lot work required 
>in the beginning (if a maintainer wants to improve immediately on his own, 
>but then he is responsible for his own time management), but then it is not 
>that much work.

My concern is that this is all manual effort and, so far, I haven't seen
anything that would let (eg) pointyhat automatically verify that the
dependency chain is correct.  Given the situation where A depends on B
depends on C but the Makefile for A does not list C as a direct dependency,
how does pointyhat verify this is correct?

Peter Jeremy
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