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> > "X Window" sounds a bit odd to me - it mainly sounds like a single
> > window in X.  I think it would sound better as either "X Window
> > System" (that's what X(7) says) or simply "X"?
> To be properly and legally pedantic, it should be 'X window' when
> referring to a single window or 'X windows' when referring to multiple
> windows. The term "Windows" is a trademark of some commercial software
> firm. MIT and Project Athena made it very clear that it was '"X", a
> windowing system' and not X-windows.
> The name "X" was simply a follow-on to the previous MIT developed system
> with the more obvious name of "W".If memory serves, "W" was not Athena,
> pre-dating the cooperative project that gave us X, Kerberos, and lots of
> other goodies. And, it you ever had the "fun" of using "W", you will
> realize that "X" is not an enhancement of "W", but a completely new
> system that was far closer to being practical in the real world.
> If there is any question, I can check with some of the old Athena people
> to confirm or deny this. I still know where at least one of them lives
> (cyber-space wise).

The X(7) manual page proposes: X, X Window System, X11 (and also X
Version 11, X Window System, Version 11), it's what I used in the X11
chapter.  It's true that in the virtualization chapter "X Window" does
not respect X(7) proposals and may be confusing, so let's use X or X11.

I still have some things to fix in that chapter, I will try to do the X
change with the rest in one step.

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