cvs commit: doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles Makefile doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles/ Makefile article.sgml doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles/p4-primer Makefile article.sgml

J. Vicente Carrasco carvay at
Tue Jun 13 14:46:22 UTC 2006

carvay      2006-06-13 14:44:03 UTC

  FreeBSD doc repository

  Modified files:
    es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles Makefile 
  Added files:
    es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles/ Makefile 
    es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles/p4-primer Makefile article.sgml 
  Added '' and 'p4-primer' translations.
  Articles added to articles' Makefile
  Submitted by Juan F. Rodriguez juan dot fco dot rodriguez at gmail dot com
  Translations reviewed by: David Barbero sico at loquefaltaba dot com
  Approved by:  jesusr (mentor)
  Yes, We Are A Team(TM)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.7       +2 -0      doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles/Makefile
  1.1       +19 -0     doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles/ (new)
  1.1       +417 -0    doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles/ (new)
  1.1       +19 -0     doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles/p4-primer/Makefile (new)
  1.1       +1005 -0   doc/es_ES.ISO8859-1/articles/p4-primer/article.sgml (new)

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