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Maxime Henrion mux at
Wed Feb 22 15:47:29 PST 2006

mux         2006-02-22 23:47:28 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    net/csup             Makefile distinfo 
  Update to csup-snap-20060223 (biggest changelog ever!):
  - Finally implement fixups and use them in the detailer and updater
    thread as appropriate.  We now longer crash/hang when there is an MD5
    checksum error, but request a fixup (or fail, if the checksum error is
    from a fixup).
  - Portability fix: don't use SIZE_T_MAX when ~0 will do fine.
  - Plug a memory leak in keyword_prepare().
  - Fix the build without assertions.
  - Properly check for the success of the asynchronous connect() when we've
    been interrupted by a signal.  Move the logic into proto_waitconnect().
  - Properly print transport layer addresses with getnameinfo() and the
    NI_NUMERICHOST flag.  We were printing garbage...
  - Assert that we're never printing a NULL string in proto_printf().
  - Make sure we disallow 0-length fields in proto_get_ascii() or all sorts
    of bad things will happen.  Also remove a useless check.
  - In statusrec_cook(), there is nothing left to parse for DirDown
    entries, however we have to check that there was nothing left in the
    line, or return an error if it's not the case.
  - Restore the original string upon error in fattr_scanattr(), called by
    fattr_encode() only.
  - The struct diff used by diff_apply() and keyword_expand() has been
    rename to struct diffinfo, and it now only contains the metadata
    of a diff.  This changes the prototype for the two aforementioned
    functions, so update the code and the consumers appropriately.
  - Create the worker threads in the detached state since we don't use
    pthread_join() to wait for them but have our own API for that (which
    allows us to wait for multiple threads).
  - Move the fattr_init() and fattr_fini() calls earlier to avoid calling
    them several times during a run.
  - When printing the "Connected to" message, print the actual address we
    are connected.  This makes us deviate slightly from CVSup, but since
    csup tries any address returned by a host (including IPv6 addresses),
    we really need to know where we connected.
  - Make the errors/error messages handling much nicer in the status file
    API.  Nearly all the asprintf() calls are centralized now.
  - Before entering multi-threaded mode, starts a "killer" thread that
    will spend most of his time blocking in sigwait() and will call
    mux_shutdown() to nicely abort the run in case we get a fatal signal.
  - Remove the need for the "closing" condition variable in
    mux_shutdown(), we are now handling the race it protected against
    much more sanely.  We just disable cancellation in the "killer" thread
    before calling mux_shutdown() and re-enable it afterwards.  This way,
    we can stop the killer thread at any time and after having joined it
    we know it is safe to call mux_close() since there are no more
    references to it but us.
  - Update the lister, detailer and updater threads to correctly check for
    error on read/write/parsing.  Generate a proper error message in each
    case and return it back to the main thread, along with a status code
    indicating either success, failure or a transient failure.
  - Always call status_close() in the updater thread, to ensure that the
    status file is properly updated even if we are being interrupted by an
  - Slightly tweak the threads API to make it match our needs more closely.
  - Add a few useful comments here and there.
  - Rename proto_init() to the more correct proto_run() name.
  - Use the status code returned by the worker thread to only retry a run
    when we had a transient error, and to return a proper exit code at the
    end of the program's execution.
  - Many minor stuff.
  All those changes allow csup to properly handle any synchronous or
  asynchronous error and to print meaningul messages nearly all the time,
  without duplicated messages.  Hangs should not happen anymore, even in
  case of an error.  We also correctly handle being sent some signals such
  as SIGINT, by correctly updating the status file and cleaning after us,
  so ^C is usable.  Finally, csup now returns a proper exit code: 0 in case
  of success or 1 in case of an error, similarly to CVSup.  Oh, and since
  fixups are now supported, I'd call csup "production ready", module the
  bugs I have introduced.
  Please give this version as much testing as you can!
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.8       +1 -1      ports/net/csup/Makefile
  1.7       +3 -3      ports/net/csup/distinfo

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