cvs commit: projects/csup fattr.c fattr.h proto.c status.c updater.c

Maxime Henrion mux at
Thu Feb 2 21:45:02 PST 2006

mux         2006-02-03 05:45:02 UTC

  FreeBSD projects repository

  Modified files:
    csup                 fattr.c fattr.h proto.c status.c 
  - I tried to avoid having the need for a function to initialize the
    fattr API, but it makes things harder afterwards.  So, have two new
    functins, fattr_init() and fattr_fini() to initialize and
    deinitialize the API.
  - Using this, we can now implement fattr_mergedefault() as intended,
    and get rid of fattr_default().
  - Call fattr_init() and fattr_fini() in appropriate places.
  - fattr_default() -> fattr_mergedefault().
  - Correct the code that computes the file attributes for a file we're
    checking out so that it works correctly, using the new function
    fattr_mergedefault().  More work is needed in this file, but as far
    as I can tell, csup now correctly sets all the attributes at checkout
    time.  This fixes the many "SetAttrs" commands that were happening
    as a side effect to this bug.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.29      +37 -15    projects/csup/fattr.c
  1.20      +5 -1      projects/csup/fattr.h
  1.60      +9 -1      projects/csup/proto.c
  1.5       +2 -1      projects/csup/status.c
  1.66      +9 -3      projects/csup/updater.c

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