cvs commit: src/sys/amd64/amd64 trap.c src/sys/dev/em if_em.c src/sys/dev/firewire 00README if_fwe.c if_fwip.c src/sys/dev/fxp if_fxp.c src/sys/dev/ixgb README if_ixgb.c src/sys/dev/nge if_nge.c src/sys/dev/re if_re.c src/sys/dev/vge if_vge.c ...

Gleb Smirnoff glebius at
Sat Oct 1 11:56:20 PDT 2005

glebius     2005-10-01 18:56:19 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/amd64/amd64      trap.c 
    sys/dev/em           if_em.c 
    sys/dev/firewire     00README if_fwe.c if_fwip.c 
    sys/dev/fxp          if_fxp.c 
    sys/dev/ixgb         README if_ixgb.c 
    sys/dev/nge          if_nge.c 
    sys/dev/re           if_re.c 
    sys/dev/vge          if_vge.c 
    sys/i386/i386        trap.c 
    sys/kern             kern_poll.c 
    sys/net              if.h if_var.h 
    sys/pci              if_dc.c if_rl.c if_sf.c if_sis.c if_ste.c 
                         if_vr.c if_xl.c 
  Big polling(4) cleanup.
  o Axe poll in trap.
  o Axe IFF_POLLING flag from if_flags.
  o Rework revision 1.21 (Giant removal), in such a way that
    poll_mtx is not dropped during call to polling handler.
    This fixes problem with idle polling.
  o Make registration and deregistration from polling in a
    functional way, insted of next tick/interrupt.
  o Obsolete kern.polling.enable. Polling is turned on/off
    with ifconfig.
  Detailed kern_poll.c changes:
    - Remove polling handler flags, introduced in 1.21. The are not
      needed now.
    - Forget and do not check if_flags, if_capenable and if_drv_flags.
    - Call all registered polling handlers unconditionally.
    - Do not drop poll_mtx, when entering polling handlers.
    - In ether_poll() NET_LOCK_GIANT prior to locking poll_mtx.
    - In netisr_poll() axe the block, where polling code asks drivers
      to unregister.
    - In netisr_poll() and ether_poll() do polling always, if any
      handlers are present.
    - In ether_poll_[de]register() remove a lot of error hiding code. Assert
      that arguments are correct, instead.
    - In ether_poll_[de]register() use standard return values in case of
      error or success.
    - Introduce poll_switch() that is a sysctl handler for kern.polling.enable.
      poll_switch() goes through interface list and enabled/disables polling.
      A message that kern.polling.enable is deprecated is printed.
  Detailed driver changes:
    - On attach driver announces IFCAP_POLLING in if_capabilities, but
      not in if_capenable.
    - On detach driver calls ether_poll_deregister() if polling is enabled.
    - In polling handler driver obtains its lock and checks IFF_DRV_RUNNING
      flag. If there is no, then unlocks and returns.
    - In ioctl handler driver checks for IFCAP_POLLING flag requested to
      be set or cleared. Driver first calls ether_poll_[de]register(), then
      obtains driver lock and [dis/en]ables interrupts.
    - In interrupt handler driver checks IFCAP_POLLING flag in if_capenable.
      If present, then returns.This is important to protect from spurious
  Reviewed by:    ru, sam, jhb
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.294     +0 -10     src/sys/amd64/amd64/trap.c
  1.74      +37 -34    src/sys/dev/em/if_em.c
  1.2       +0 -3      src/sys/dev/firewire/00README
  1.39      +40 -29    src/sys/dev/firewire/if_fwe.c
  1.10      +47 -31    src/sys/dev/firewire/if_fwip.c
  1.248     +32 -24    src/sys/dev/fxp/if_fxp.c
  1.2       +7 -8      src/sys/dev/ixgb/README
  1.15      +43 -34    src/sys/dev/ixgb/if_ixgb.c
  1.80      +37 -25    src/sys/dev/nge/if_nge.c
  1.56      +49 -40    src/sys/dev/re/if_re.c
  1.19      +51 -54    src/sys/dev/vge/if_vge.c
  1.281     +0 -10     src/sys/i386/i386/trap.c
  1.23      +88 -100   src/sys/kern/kern_poll.c
  1.99      +2 -3      src/sys/net/if.h
  1.103     +1 -1      src/sys/net/if_var.h
  1.169     +41 -28    src/sys/pci/if_dc.c
  1.158     +40 -36    src/sys/pci/if_rl.c
  1.88      +45 -44    src/sys/pci/if_sf.c
  1.140     +44 -31    src/sys/pci/if_sis.c
  1.90      +41 -32    src/sys/pci/if_ste.c
  1.108     +39 -31    src/sys/pci/if_vr.c
  1.197     +45 -41    src/sys/pci/if_xl.c

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