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M. Warner Losh imp at
Sat Nov 12 09:37:36 PST 2005

In message: <20051112172425.GU94004 at>
            Ceri Davies <ceri at> writes:
: > > > No, just add f=raw to get the raw PR without markup.
: > > ><PR#>&f=raw
: > > >                                                 ^^^^^^
: > > 
: > > If you do that, then the address is in the PR header anyway, so where's
: > > the problem? (yes, that elides the usefulness a little, but raw links
: > > are not presented on the site and are therefore less spiderable).

<a little off-topic text deleted>

Ahem.  Gettback back on track...

I've had a couple of private suggestions sent to me.

The first is to create a raw-query-pr.cgi that will just serve up one
PR in raw format with no links to this page.

The second is to add another parameter to query-pr that changes
quarterly.  pass=bluestarts this quarter, pass=yellowdiamons next, etc
(well, we wouldn't use the ingrediants to lucky charms as a
password).  This level of security is the same that exist on certain
invitation only IRC channels that are out there.  Someone has to tell
you the password, and the password changes from time to time.  Since
developer mail is project confidencial, I would guess it would be
sufficient to email the new password once a quarter.

The ugly alternative is to have a 'members only' section of the
website where you have to login.  In that section, we could also give
the full names.  However, this suffers from the inability to easily
use with 'fetch'.

The forth alternative is those goofy 'tell me what's in this box'
schemes.  Prove you are a human.  This sounds more burdonsome than
logging into freefall to do the query-pr, which is Kris' main
objection to the new change.

I like #2 the best, since it is easy to do, easy to automate, and
shouldn't be too intrusive to people doing 100 PRs a week.


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