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Sun May 29 08:28:26 PDT 2005

Hi, sorry for my being inactive recently.  I was very busy this month but
I finally have the time...

"Bruce A. Mah" <bmah at> wrote
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bm> OK.  How about something like the following paragraph and table (pretend
bm> there is some real DocBook markup in here and don't worry too much about
bm> the wording):

 I like this idea.

bm> A related point:  The errata document for (for example) 5.3 was
bm> maintained on the RELENG_5 branch (and not RELENG_5_3).  So right before
bm> we branched for 5.4, the 5.3 errata content was purged.  Thus, users
bm> tracking the 5.3 security fix branch can't count on the errata document
bm> being current anymore; they have to go to RELENG_5_3 src/UPDATING to get
bm> this information.  (It's worked this way all the way back to
bm> 4.3-RELEASE.  Curiously, nobody has complained to me about it in the
bm> past four years.  I can't remember why I set it up this way.)

 Hmm, for this problem I am thinking about using XML databases for
 errata document.  Probably we can agree that we should maintain
 errata document for a release until its EoL, and duplicated
 effort should be reduced.  For security advisories, VuXML or
 similar one can be used to put information into the errata page, and
 by using XSLT, we can easily handle MD/MI separation and output
 style change.  With these databases the errata page can be generated
 on-the-fly and trimming old items is not always needed.
 The current structure limits reuse of information, so some sort of
 improvements are needed.

 I made several specific implementations and am still wondering
 where we should put such databases.  Anyway, I am planning to change
 these framework before 6.0R (I will submit the necessary changes
 to the public mailing-lists for review, of course).

| Hiroki SATO
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