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> M>   "Does FreeBSD support power management?"
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> M>   Mention ACPI for 5.X, specify 4.X for APM.
> I use APM instead of acpi on CURRENT and it definitely works
> on 5.X. There is hardware that needs apm(4) driver instead of
> acpi(4), e.g. IBM Thinkpad 600E, T20, T21. I guess, FAQ should
> not state - "use only acpi in 5.X".

APM is still there and not going away soon as many of the older BIOSes
out there don't have ACPI. You need to use one or the other, not both,
but which is appropriate is dependent on the laptop and it's BIOS. Many
laptops with ACPI capabilities still run better on APM. Getting
suspend/resume to work on ACPI is still problematical on may laptops
that do support ACPI.

On the other hand, ACPI seems to work fine on my 600E these days,
although I'll admit that I don't pull it out of the drawer very
often. ACPI didn't work in the past, though. 

          <para>FreeBSD supports <acronym>APM</acronym> on certain machines.
            Please look in the <filename>LINT</filename> (V4.x or the
	    <filename>NOTES</filename> (V5.x) kernel config file,
            searching for the <acronym>APM</acronym> keyword.  Further
            information can be found in &man.apm.4;.</para>

	  <para>FreeBSD 5.X and later support the
	    <acronym>ACPI</acronym> features found in most modern
	    hardware.  Further information can be found in
	    &man.acpi.4;. If a system supports both
	    <acronym>APM</acronym> and <acronym>ACPI</acronym>, either
	    can be used. You will probably want to try both and use the
	    one which works best for your system.

In any case, the word "supports" in the second paragraph should be
changed to "support" for proper agreement with the subject.

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