cvs commit: ports/net/rdesktop pkg-plist

Florent Thoumie flz at
Thu Mar 10 11:24:15 PST 2005

Adam Weinberger wrote:
>>>(03.10.2005 @ 1409 PST): Florent Thoumie said, in 1.2K: <<
>>David E. O'Brien wrote:
>>>obrien      2005-03-10 19:05:11 UTC
>>> FreeBSD ports repository
>>> Modified files:
>>>   net/rdesktop         pkg-plist
>>> Log:
>>> Sort the keymaps.
>>> Revision  Changes    Path
>>> 1.5       +32 -32    ports/net/rdesktop/pkg-plist
>>	This is your third commit to get rdesktop updated
>>	in two days.
>>	There was a PR pending with a patch included. Maintainer
>>	has been cc'ed.
>>	Please respect ownership when not working on your ports,
>>	or at least wait for maintainer timeout before applying
>>	your changes.
>>>end of "Re: cvs commit: ports/net/rdesktop pkg-plist" from Florent Thoumie <<
> Sorting the pkg-plist is a trivial change, and was the maintainer's
> responsibility in the first place. Asking for maintainer approval
> for trivial fixes supports a level of bureaucracy that, while nice
> in concept, simple prevents people from applying trivial fixes.

	I'm ok, not talking about just sorting the packing list.

> Note that I'm not commenting on David's other commits to rdesktop;
> I haven't looked at them. Note also that I do not know what is in
> the PR. My only argument here is that committers should not feel
> like applying trivial fixes and routine maintenance to the ports
> tree amounts to stepping on someone's toes.

	He might be very familiar with this port, I really don't
	know, but I've even seen discussions about security updates
	where maintainer rejected submitted patches. That's their

	The only fact that a PR about rdesktop was in feedback state
	should prevent him from just committing an update.

	My 2 (new committer's and maintainer's) cents.
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