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Michael Nottebrock lofi at
Sun Jun 26 17:32:10 GMT 2005

On Sunday, 26. June 2005 18:36, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> > hier(7):
> >
> >                X11R6/    X11R6 distribution executables, libraries, etc
> >                           (optional).
> >                           bin/      X11R6 binaries (servers, utilities,
> > local packages/ports)
> >                           [...]
> >                           lib/      X11R6 libraries.
> >                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> "X11 binaries" refers to "servers, utilities, local packages/ports". I
> read "X11R6 libraries" similar to "X11 binaries", I interpret it as:
> someone was too lazy to make a list for the lib/ entry too.
> That's how I understand this. I hope I was able to successfully
> describe my POV.

Okay, I give up. This will be my last mail on the subject at hand. 

Let me just say this: There's little sense in providing documentation and 
guidelines if a long enough period / big enough magnitude of non-compliance 
is enough to make everybody assume that the documentation is wrong and needs 
to be creatively interpreted in order to match the status quo.

I also have great doubts that there's any chance of ever getting that kind of 
confirmational response you're looking for - from portmgr, RE or whoever you 
feel should have the last word. I'd love to be proven wrong though.

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