cvs commit: ports/graphics/libimg Makefile ports/graphics/libimg/files Makefile.bsd patch-jpeg patch-png patch-tiff patch-tk84_Tk_PhotoPutBlock patch-warnings

Mikhail Teterin mi at
Fri Jun 10 01:21:06 GMT 2005

mi          2005-06-10 01:21:05 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    graphics/libimg      Makefile 
    graphics/libimg/files Makefile.bsd patch-tk84_Tk_PhotoPutBlock 
  Added files:
    graphics/libimg/files patch-jpeg patch-png patch-tiff 
  A number of enhancements:
          . compile cleanly against 8.4 with -Wall on i386 and amd64;
          . use OS' run-time linker instead of dlopen-ing libpng,
            libjpeg, libtiff inside;
          . stop using TIFF's _internal_ headers for anything.
  This changes are quite radical, but seem to work with anything I have.
  Vendor's own tests pass except for some differences in PNG images --
  most likely due to changes in PNG library since 2002.
  Stop requiring specific versions of jpeg, tiff, png -- we don't really care.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.19      +7 -8      ports/graphics/libimg/Makefile
  1.7       +2 -7      ports/graphics/libimg/files/Makefile.bsd
  1.1       +625 -0    ports/graphics/libimg/files/patch-jpeg (new)
  1.1       +414 -0    ports/graphics/libimg/files/patch-png (new)
  1.1       +592 -0    ports/graphics/libimg/files/patch-tiff (new)
  1.2       +11 -4     ports/graphics/libimg/files/patch-tk84_Tk_PhotoPutBlock
  1.1       +229 -0    ports/graphics/libimg/files/patch-warnings (new)

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