cvs commit: src/sys/amd64/isa clock.c src/sys/i386/isa clock.c src/sys/pc98/cbus clock.c

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Jul 13 15:43:21 GMT 2005

jhb         2005-07-13 15:43:21 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/amd64/isa        clock.c 
    sys/i386/isa         clock.c 
    sys/pc98/cbus        clock.c 
  Fixup some more fallout from the lapic/i8254 changes:
  - Make sure timer0_max_count is set to a correct value in the lapic case.
  - Revert i8254_restore() to explicitly reprogram timer 0 rather than
    calling set_timer_freq() to do it.  set_timer_freq() only reprograms
    the counter if the max count changes which it never does on resume.  This
    unbreaks suspend/resume for several people.
  Tested by:      marks, others
  Reviewed by:    bde
  MFC after:      3 days
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.222     +15 -23    src/sys/amd64/isa/clock.c
  1.223     +20 -24    src/sys/i386/isa/clock.c
  1.149     +20 -24    src/sys/pc98/cbus/clock.c

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