cvs commit: src/sys/alpha/isa isa_dma.c src/sys/amd64/isa isa_dma.c src/sys/dev/ic i8237.h src/sys/i386/isa isa_dma.c src/sys/ia64/isa isa_dma.c src/sys/isa isavar.h src/sys/sparc64/isa isa_dma.c

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Sun Feb 6 05:46:39 PST 2005

phk         2005-02-06 13:46:39 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/alpha/isa        isa_dma.c 
    sys/amd64/isa        isa_dma.c 
    sys/dev/ic           i8237.h 
    sys/i386/isa         isa_dma.c 
    sys/ia64/isa         isa_dma.c 
    sys/isa              isavar.h 
    sys/sparc64/isa      isa_dma.c 
  Since we are quite unlikely to ever face another platform which
  uses the i8237 without trying to emulate the PC architecture move
  the register definitions for the i8237 chip into the central include
  file for the chip, except for the PC98 case which is magic.
  Add new isa_dmatc() function which tells us as cheaply as possible
  if the terminal count has been reached for a given channel.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.13      +13 -18    src/sys/alpha/isa/isa_dma.c
  1.21      +13 -16    src/sys/amd64/isa/isa_dma.c
  1.9       +23 -1     src/sys/dev/ic/i8237.h
  1.18      +13 -16    src/sys/i386/isa/isa_dma.c
  1.8       +13 -18    src/sys/ia64/isa/isa_dma.c
  1.28      +9 -8      src/sys/isa/isavar.h
  1.2       +6 -0      src/sys/sparc64/isa/isa_dma.c

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