cvs commit: ports/Mk ports/lang/perl5 Makefile ports/lang/perl5/files use.perl ports/lang/perl5.8 Makefile ports/lang/perl5.8/files use.perl

Anton Berezin tobez at
Wed Feb 2 01:34:06 PST 2005

tobez       2005-02-02 09:34:05 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    lang/perl5           Makefile 
    lang/perl5/files     use.perl 
    lang/perl5.8         Makefile 
    lang/perl5.8/files   use.perl 
  Update's notion of the perl version (to 5.8.6) [1].
  Use more correct OSVERSION threshold to distinguish between
  base system perl and perl from ports - the right value is 500036 [1].
  Also, simplify OSVERSION-related logic in lang/perl5 and lang/perl5.8.
  Now it goes as follows:
  - for lang/perl5.8, if there is perl in the base system, install
    use.perl script, use a helpful pkg-message, and do not automatically
    update symlinks;
  - for lang/perl5.8, if there is no perl in the base system, do not
    install use.perl script, and update symlinks automatically;
  - for lang/perl5, always install use.perl;
  - for lang/perl5, never update symlinks automatically;
  - for lang/perl5, vary produced pkg-message depending on the presence of
    the base system perl.
  Bump PORTREVISION for both lang/perl5 and lang/perl5.8.
  [1] Approved by:        portmgr
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.507     +4 -4      ports/Mk/
  1.78      +4 -2      ports/lang/perl5.8/Makefile
  1.10      +2 -2      ports/lang/perl5.8/files/use.perl
  1.66      +1 -13     ports/lang/perl5/Makefile
  1.8       +3 -9      ports/lang/perl5/files/use.perl

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