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Sun Dec 4 05:05:11 GMT 2005

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pa> Aha. So should the <meta> line be removed from the header1 variable?

 Yes.  And I think we should clean up and reorganize these tags and
 includes.*.  Actually most of and
 can be integrated into one file...

pa> To avoid a duplication of xsl files in share/sgml/ and en/, would some
pa> kind of mechanism to pass encoding parametr to xsltproc from en/Makefile
pa> ja/Makefile etc be useful? I thought about passing it in --stringparam
pa> or somesuch.

 It is not a duplication because <lang>/share/sgml/template.usergroups.xsl
 does not include common part of the templates.  I agree with the idea
 passing the output encoding method from a variable or a file,
 but --stringparam does not work.  Probably it can be done by using entity

pa> Also, is there any problem with &uacute; and others in xml source when
pa> outputting into other charsets, like euc-jp?

 Probably there is no problem.  Those characters will be printed as
 ones in their encodings.  I do not precisely know what happens when
 the encoding does not have the characters, but I guess they will be
 put as &#xxx;.

| Hiroki SATO
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